The Power of the Flock: a 3-day connection event for purpose-led business owners


Being a business owner is a rollercoaster of excitement, terror, highs, lows and everything in between. It can also feel incredibly lonely. I'm not going to bang on about this bloomin' pandemic, but the last 18+ months has made us all very aware of how essential community and connection is when it comes to running our purpose-led businesses.

Did you know that collaborating and connecting with business owners with similar values is as important as engaging directly with your ideal customer? 

There are THOUSANDS of business owners with ethics, sustainability and social good at their heart. Every one of them has a slightly different business, a slightly different strategy and slightly different needs when it comes to connecting with other business owners. 

This is where Power of the Flock comes in.

Hi, I'm Katie, your Power of the Flock host

I like to think of myself as a matchmaker for purpose-led business owners. My true loves are community and connection, and there's nothing that thrills me more than seeing the businesses I've brought together growing together.

I help you and your business to be more visible, make friends, make money (it's not a dirty word!) and make an impact whilst always being mindful of the individual values your company was founded on. I run Power of the Flock on a quarterly basis, and I'm also the founder of The Duck Pond, a business community and membership for purpose-led entrepreneurs. 

My duck sidekick here is called Salty. You'll see a lot of him - he is a big fan of popping his head up at every opportunity.


What previous participants have said about Power of the Flock

I'll say it again: Community and connection are EVERYTHING to me. 

Every single career move, business partnership, client and new venture I've made since I started my first full-time job at 16 has been the result of the connections and contacts I've consciously sought out. I want that for you too.

Do you want...

Connections to help with funding, investment or grants?

Accountability to help you move towards your goals?

To spread the word to a bigger audience? 

To find your ideal client or customer?

A collaborative giveaway partner?

Or perhaps you just need a timely reminder that there are plenty of business owners just like you. People who aren't just looking at their bottom line. Others who are raising awareness and helping to address social, ethical and environmental issues using their brands and their passion.

If any of this resonates with you, my 3-day Power of the Flock event is for you!

Join the Power of the Flock challenge today

Take part in this 3-day event to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, network, collaborate, grow and be inspired by the amazing work other conscious business owners are doing for social, environmental and ethical reasons.

What's involved?

Three days of collaboration and communication challenges

Join 3 days of challenges to take you outside your comfort zone, whilst also having FUN! A group of amazing purpose-led business owners, entrepreneurs, champions for social good and ethically-minded people to connect with, form collaborations and create long-lasting relationships.

A live speed-networking session

Pitch your business, product or service live to a group of fellow business owners. Grow your network and spread the word about your purpose-led business.

Live heads together session

Bring a challenge to the group and we'll help you solve it. This was such a popular part of the first Power of the Flock - everyone was so open and generous with their time and it really cemented the connections and relationships formed over the course of the event.


Exclusive prizes for challenge participants including free Duck Pond membership and some lovely bonus surprises