March 2021

Here's a quick roundup of all the content Duck Pond members enjoyed in March 2021.  If this post gives you a touch of FOMO, head to the Duck Pond home page to find out more and become a member today. 
(Btw I don't just create paid content - here's what you can get for free in the Duck Pond, and if you click here you can read the Little Green Duck blog, which covers everything from vegan food to kids' shoes to travelling with toddlers!

Five-Minute Wins

As March has been PR month in the Pond, we have had a lot of PR and comms-related five-minute wins. Here they all are at-a-glance:

Five Minute PR Review. 
A great exercise in reflection and remembering what works for you and your business when it comes to visibility & PR.

Five-Minute Undercover Investigation. Sounds mysterious, doesn't it? Give it a try to see what you find out.

Five-Minute Feelgood. This is a lovely way to make someone else feel good and boost how they feel about you and your business, too.

Five-Minute Link Fixing. Broken links = bad PR/customer experience. Spend some time tidying up anything that might not be working.

Five-Minute Reflection. It's been a weird few months, so let's reflect on some of the stuff we've achieved even through the full-on-ness!

Resources, downloads, references and guides

As well as our bite-sized guides, we’ve added the following resources to get your teeth into:

The Monthly Quack. During this session, we brainstormed blog & social content ideas and we got SO much out of it. 

March guest expert session with Jack & Grace.  And what a fabulous session it was! 

News from the community

First off, welcome to our newest members KarlEmmaRhianNicole and Geeta (names link to their website or Linkedin for anyone who wants to have a look!). So happy to have you all in the Pond! AND hello to Sandra, who had to leave us for a while early this year but I'm delighted to welcome back!

Speaking of Sandra, she only went and won Jacqueline Gold's WOW Wednesday on Twitter a couple of weeks ago! YESSSS Sandra, so well-deserved.

Congratulations to Kate aka The Full Freezer, who ran an AMAZING food waste challenge and masterclass and has now launched her Freezer Geek Academy. Smashing it, Kate!

And happy birthday for last week to Russ - hope you had a lovely day. Sorry if I've missed any other birthdays - I snoop on your Instagram profiles as much as I can but sometimes people slip through the birthday net!

If you haven't already, go and check out Alexis' podcast Social Media for Humans - it's already featured one Duck Pond member and I know there are more to come!

Ailuna CEO & founder Lars was recently interviewed for the Disruptive CEO Nation podcast. You can listen to the interview here.

Finally, congratulations to Rachel, who has been accepted on the Sustainable Technologies Business Acceleration Hub. Amazing to see how Buttercup is progressing so much as the months go on.

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