Meet Our Guest Speakers

Every month in the Pond, we host a guest speaker. Someone who can help you learn a new skill, gain new insight or get answers to all your burning questions about running your purpose-led business. When you join The Duck Pond, you get access to replays of all previous sessions, as well as an invite to join all future sessions live.

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Here are all the sessions we've held to date...

Find Time 

with Leila Ainge

Business Psychologist Leila helps you to identify your procrastination style, then runs through some tried and tested techniques and tips to help you find time when you think you have none.

Copywriting Q&A 

with Duck Pond Founder Katie

Our very own Duck Pond Founder Katie talks about what copywriting is, its purpose and why having an understanding of it is important for your business.

PR & Communications 

with Nyree & Laura

PR & Communications experts Nyree and Laura show you how to use communication within your business as a force for good.  They talk about finding your voice and clearly communicating your key message with your target audience. 


Becoming a B Corp

with Nancy & Tim

Sustainability Consultant Nancy and B Corp Business Owner Tim talk about the benefits of becoming a B Corp Business, what is involved in making the change and the support on offer in overcoming any hurdles you may face.

Building Good Habits

with Delphine

Business Coach Delphine discusses how good habits can benefit your business and set you up for success. Helping you to become more confident within your business. 

Social Media for Humans

with Alexis

Social Media Coach and organic growth specialist Alexis talks about the strategy and statistics that convert, how to use your content smartly, making it fun and finding your people.


Pinterest for Business

with Lauren

Lauren shows us the basics of using Pinterest for your business. She shows how Pinterest can help your sustainable, ethical, earth aligned business and how it can showcase what you have to offer.

Finance for Decision Making

with Rachael

 Business Consultant Rachael Shaw talks about using financial information for business strategy. She discusses the difference between finance and strategy and how you can set up for success within your business.


Automation Alchemy

with Jodie

The Systems Alchemist Jodie demonstrates why systems and automation can be powerful tools which support your business, increase productivity, saving you time and effort and even reducing your operational costs.


Christmas PR 

with Pippa

Pippa Goulden who is a PR expert discuses nailing your PR activity during the festive period for your small business. Pippa talks us through the preparation, activities, opps, gift guides and more.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Demo

with Chris

SEO Expert Chris talks about how the Screaming Frog SEO spider, along with Google Search Console and other tools can help improve SEO on your website. 

Running Your Small Business

Inclusively with Anita

Guest expert Anita talks about building a small inclusive business by creating cultures of belonging. She covers boundaries, asking yourself difficult questions and ultimately making your business a safe space.

Connecting with Nature 

with Sam

Forest Therapy guide and coach Sam Wright spends a lovely hour reminding us of the benefits of connecting with nature, inviting us to take a moment to connect during the session, and inspiring us to get outside more!

Running a Crowdfunding

 Campaign with Lars

CEO of Ailuna and survivor of a recent successful crowdfunding campaign, Lars Nordhild Rønning shares his insights into the process, what he learnt and how to have the best chance of raising the funds you need.