Yessss, you're here! This makes me very happy.

Hi, I'm Katie.

Hello and WELCOME to the Duck Pond. This is a welcoming community of people running businesses with purpose at their heart.

You're a business owner who wants to fight the planet's biggest problems using your brand as your weapon - and we are here to give you all the support, solidarity, collaboration and connection you need to make the biggest impact possible. Scroll down to learn more about how the Pond helps purpose-led and purpose-curious entrepreneurs to grow together.


As a conscious business owner, you're already part of a pretty amazing club. A passionate bubble of excellent humans, whose purpose-driven businesses aren't just out there to make a profit. Nope, you're different. Your business is going to MAKE AN ACTUAL DIFFERENCE. Chances are it already is.

Your business deserves to be out there, in front of the eyes of the people you've so carefully mapped out as your ideal customer. It has TONS of potential...

But you feel held back by:


Running a business is a huge undertaking, and it can sometimes feel very lonely indeed. You wish you had a bunch of business buddies around you through thick and thin.


To-do list as long as Mr Tickle's arm? We know the feeling. Why does it feel like time is speeding by but with every item ticked off your list, another two appear?


It's so frustrating when your budget doesn't match your ambitions. Experts come at a price, and that price is too high to justify working with them 1:1 right now.


You can't know everything. But you need to know everything because you're in this alone. You need quick-to-absorb, effective knowledge, RIGHT NOW.

In the pond, community and connection is at the centre of everything

The Duck Pond is an inclusive, supportive and friendly community of entrepreneurs who want hold purpose, sustainability and GOOD INTENTIONS at the very heart of their businesses. 

We're going to take you from overwhelmed, lonely and wondering where on earth to start with your mammoth to-do list, to calm, controlled, confident and thriving with a business to match. Community is everything to us, and the Pond does community & support like no other group of humans around. Members are generous with their time, knowledge and experience - everyone is eager to collaborate and support one another the Duck Pond way. 

It's a safe, fun and judgement-free space where you can:

Community is what underpins everything in the Pond. It's a friendly, welcoming and clique-free zone. Share your goals, plans and wins with people who know what it's like putting purpose before profit.

It's the perfect place to network and connect with like-minded business owners. Collaborate, share ideas, find an accountability partner and form friendships with people who care as much as you do.

Get access to advice, valuable resources and business strategies from leading experts without having to pay a big bill in return (unintentional duck pun, there).

Our experts specialise in working with business owners just like you - they understand your struggles and can help you solve your problems, answer your specific questions and help you to grow and thrive.

Build the business of your dreams without losing sight of the ethos and values you founded it on. Your product or service deserves success - let's get you there.

We want to see every single one of our members build a business they're proud and confident to run. We'll be your biggest cheerleaders- behind you every step of the way to changing the world and your life.

Come and join us, the water's lovely

Walking the walk

Or should we say 'waddling the waddle'?

We talk the talk and write the words, but it's important to demonstrate that we're about people, planet, positivity and pigs (and all the other animals, obvs).

Here are some of the ways we're using The Duck Pond as a force for good:

Who is behind the Duck Pond?

As I mentioned above, I'm Katie, the Founder of The Duck Pond. I'm a conscious business fanatic and I love helping purpose-led businesses grow.

I love snacks (with a passion for salt and vinegar crisps), the sea and my two children. Particularly when they're remembering to use their "indoor voices".

I speak to purpose-led business owners daily and there are three common themes that come up when I ask "What do you need help with?":

  • 'I have big ambitions and loads of ideas but a small budget. How am I supposed to grow my business if I can't pay for the support I need?'
  • 'Running my business is lonely. I wish there was a group of people I could turn to, to support me when I'm struggling.'
  • 'I'm overwhelmed and fed up with doing ALL THE THINGS. The internet is information overload. I need clarity and some business wins without getting lost down a rabbit hole of video tutorials and blogs."

So along came The Duck Pond - the answer to all those struggles and more.

Ready to join us?

What Duck Pond members say:

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